Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Salad's Top Sounds - April 2010

Yes I know. The month of March was extremely disappointing, no Salad posts but hey I'll make it up to all of you. This months edition of Salad's Top Sounds is a sneak peak of some of the tracks that I've been seriously spinning. Some for a long time, some just recently. Point is, they rock and you'll love them.. it's a guarantee.

As for other news, on April 1st two electro-funk bands joined forces to play at NEON NIGHT. First, the newly formed dj Salad and the Disko Vikings (previously named dj Salad and the Cookshire Fellowship) performed an energy packed set with live instruments. Second, was Ottawa's StrayOtic, a dance-funk duo made of Yves Neron and Mathieu Dube. They pumped out a serious show, wearing neon that would make stone statues cry. To check out Salad and the Disco Vikings, click here. For StrayOtic, click here.

Anyways, lets jump to the music. That's why we're all here, no?

"All Systems" by Knightlife : When you're out on the dance floor, what is it that your ear is looking for? For me, it's smooth bass line, a poppy drum track and sidechain compressed vocals. However, this track delivers on the dance floor! It may not have that bassline that I always look for, but the ultra-choppy distorted synth gets the job done. At 0:38, the core melody kicks in and slaps you in the face. Just make sure that if you're spinning it, do a treble sweep right before ;O

"Chicago (feat. Drew Zaremba)" by Salad: This track is an original of mine. Working hand in hand with guitarist Patrick Bourget and saxophone player Drew Zaremba (@ 2:15), we were able to give a classy chicago jazz feel to this track. Recommended use: Drinking Coffee and lounge get togethers. Don't mind the intro, it's from the streets of Ottawa. Click the link to listen and download.

"Something Good Can Work (The Twelves RMX)" by Two Door Cinema: Is it just me, or is it true that every time a remixed Two Door Cinema track comes out it rocks? This next one is an awesome team effort, TDC + Brazil remix masters The Twelves. It just seems like TDC's Alex Trimble just knows what kind of voice to have for beatsy bass oriented electro, and the Twelves, well, they know how to do anything. Theirs just something about the chorus in this track (@ 1:04) that speaks to me.

"Sometimes (Gloves RMX)" by Miami Horror:
Alright so before you even read this, listen to it and think of what producer would make such a vibby track! Seriously, listen. Last chance! Alright, reason why I urged you to listen to it first is because the first time I heard this track, all I could think about was Fred Falke. Although he's not the one who produced, it sounds like a production/remix he would make. That funky guitar lick at the beginning, the circa-1990's synth and a smooth peanut butter bass line. Wow. This one is for keeps.

"Comme des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael RMX)" - Coeur de Pirate: As a french-english hybrid, I always enjoy a good french electro track. And, mostly spinning in OTW, it usually appeals the crowd. There's not much I can say about this, it's simple, but the vocals compliment and add a wicked (almost-dark) feel. PS: who has a crush for Béatrice Martin? I do.

ALSO, recently visiting Moullinex' myspace, I discovered a video of a live band (him included) performing his productions. Here it is, it's pretty cool.

Hide and Seek - Live from Moullinex on Vimeo.

Hey, have a good month eh? Till next time.


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