Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Resistance is Futile

Underground Resistance is a main piece of Detroit's history as the birthplace of techno music, born out of the Mo-town, jazz and funk traditions of the city. Techno originators like Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson became international ambassadors for the city in the 1980's and the Detroit style became the foundation of dance music in the 1990s and onwards throughout Europe, Asia and South America. As the Detroit dance revolution was about to take off, Underground Resistance was formed, to defend the soul of techno as it spread around the world

U.R. artists have been on the frontlines of the most sublime, innovative dance music produced over the last 20 years, from UR originators Mike Banks' hard-hitting style and Jeff Mill's turntable wizardry, to later forays into electro, space-funk, and then on to modern-day U.R. sounds that are built around soulful but pounding rhythms. Always priviledging the music over image or superficiality, U.R. embodies the real blue-collar street philosophy of Detroit and carries it around the world.

One such producer and DJ is Mark Flash, now a leading name in modern day Detroit dance music. His live productions, at times accompanied with saxophonists and the techno-jazz-house pioneers Los Hermanos, have again raised the bar for modern dance music, in recent high-profile appearances in Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Japan.

With skills in keyboards and percussion, Mark Flash puts on a unique show utilizing his talents to form a musical hybrid. In spite of his mastery of many styles, he’s not looking to bore you with psuedo-intellectualism. He wants to make you move. He defines his production style as “loud and funky. I want listeners to say, ‘DAMN!!”‘

Stay tuned for an Ontario and Quebec tour coming soon.

Take a journey through Summer with DJ Mark Flash’s 2010 Summer Mix

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