Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marc Vedo 365 - 2010 Until Then

An up and comer starting to make waves on this side of the pond Producer/Manager/Promoter/Label Owner (Koolwaters Digital) all around globe trotter Marc Vedo has begun to concentrate on making music again. Well being in the studio at least, he’s been handling residencies and travelling the world since 1994. He’s only 27, probably a big reason why he was hailed as one of the UK's Ten Most Eligible Men by Company Magazine

2009 marc’d (see what I did there) a year that saw Marc release more tracks than in the 5 previous years combined. This is a good thing. That’s not to say he hasn’t been in music for the past 5 years. Dude has played pretty much all of the world’s biggest clubs (Cream, Sound Academy etc). With that under your belt you’re obviously going to get pretty high praise. 

We here at Rhythmworks aren’t the only people jumping on the bandwagon (check our October 2009 post), Vedo has spent the last year touring with a guy who you might know, his name is Boy George. Marc is the DJ Tour Manager for BG through his worldwide promoting company Koolwaters. In Lehman’s terms he’s the Tour Manager (Koolwaters) for when Boy George is on tour as a DJ. They even collaborated on the Marc Vedo 365 Compilation which came out on Itunes in January.

Marc Vedo is a name that you’ll be hearing a lot about in 2010. Check the Marc Vedo 365 Compilation on Itunes (Mixed by Marc Vedo, Boy George and Kid Massive)
If names are what you need he's been called the next "Sasha"
“Whatever style I’m playing I like to give the crowd something to write home about, energetic dance music to raise the roof off” – Marc Vedo
Here are a couple of tracks to clear your ears out in 2010:

Peep the progressive Mix: <- Via Soundcloud

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