Sunday, February 7, 2010

Salad's Top Sounds - February 2010

The month of February has begun, and you know what that means! A whole new set of dj Salad favourites. Always on the lookout for fresh tracks, here’s a brand spanking new list.

1. “New in Town (Fred Falke Remix)” by Little Boots: In recent times, I’ve been very impressed with some of the releases by Little Boots. Nice and beaty, catchy but still has an underground feel. Fred Falke, on the other hand, is an acclaimed bass player and producer (making tracks with Alan Braxe, Kris Menace, Savage, and the list goes on). He remixes this Little Boots tracks with delight. Once again, Falk pulls out a slick bass line that floats in the background, a real-sounding guitar licks and club style percussion.

2. “Starlight” by The Supermen Lovers: Yes I know, you’ll tell me this is an old track. Indeed, it dates from early 2000’s. Dj’ing around, I’ve heard similar lines to “yea, but that’s an old track” or “you still play that track in your set”, but why should a song be forgotten because it’s a few years old, right? This track, Starlight, is the perfect example. Extremely funky, and very fitting with its vocal track. This is one that still makes the ladies dance, and I will keep playing it.

3. “Midnight Walk” by Barretso: Hailing from Chile, Barretso introduce some choppy samples mingled in with huge sounding sidechain compression that pumps at your skull. Not much to say, just real good. As the track suggests, best to listen at night. Check out

4. “The Drop” by Cherry Chapstick: Having performed with these chaps (no pun intended), I can truly say their live set has a mind of its own. No matter the venue, no matter the time... you will dance. This track includes a voice that could win hearts, a bass line that snaps at you while you’re eating eggs in the morning and listening to your favourite yacht disco tracks and guitar accents that give a certain classy texture. Check out

5. “Valsa in NJ” by Xinobi: This artist keeps pumping out amazing tracks that fill in my set. Valsa in NJ is another concoction that mixes funk with electronic with lounge with sampling with so much more. Wait for the 1:10 marker and it’ll blow your mind. Check out for free download and to order the new DISCOTEXAS release.

Thank you, this was another months edition of “Salad’s Top Sounds”, visit for show listings, productions and remixes.