Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stamina - Back 2 Skool w Skratch Bastid

So big tings pahpin in the Kapacity Entertainment/Ritual Nightclub camp, as per usual. After Frosh/Froche/La semaine Froshé whatever you want to call the week the Uni`z get back in binness, Skratch Bastid comes to town for a very special edition of "Stamina."

The kids seem to love dubstep and jungle nowadaze, so Kap figured they should bring back a Dubstep/Jungle scene to the Ottawa nightlife. Mark September 18th down on your calendars (also known as "that thing on your blackberry that tells you when the sweet events are") because Skratch Bastid, the one and only, is sharing the club with Tasc, X.I and a flurry of other party rocking DJ's.

Cover is ten bags of beans (if a bag of beans goes for $1, not sure what the going rate is) advance, 13 bones or more at the door. This is going to get out of hand quick. BEeee DER!

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