Friday, August 20, 2010

Omerta Records sign Alpha Duo!

Omerta Records, Canada's leading electronic music label has just added another sweet maker of muzikz. Alpha Duo! They jumped on board this week and you can hear their new mix "No Need To Hide" right here, peep the video below!

What's that? You caan't get enough Alpha Duo? Well, better check out the Omerta Records Beatport page, right hear!

It features a slew of other amazing tracks, the new Alpha Duo EP included!

Rhythmworks Omerta beatport picks:

"Night Together, EP" - Kasper Kwant and Vika Cova

"Show me the Way (To Your Heart)" - Adam Tas (Original)

"Lost Yourself" - Ameera, Thomas De Colita (Johan Eklund Remix)

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