Monday, January 11, 2010

Salad's Top Sounds - January 2010

Every DJ has their top tracks; choice digs if you will... those songs that have been played set after set because they sound like sweet candy when blaring through those headphones. This month, five worthy tracks were selected for your pleasure.

1. “This Fang” by Eumig & Chinon: Looking around on the net to find some fresh life for my set, I stumbled on this duo from Denmark. Track after track, E&C’s set list offers amazing production that is backed up with choppy vocal tracks that make you want to dance. E&C know how to assemble punchy and distorted synth, smooth bass lines and a mean kick that seems to suck your brains through your ears. Visit their myspace to see for yourself (

2. “Jesus Was a BBoy (Moullinex Remix)” – Ben Mono: There are some tracks that seem to be remixed time and time again. This is one of them, but it sounds amazing. Ben Mono and Moullinex, both from Germany, team up to create this great track that always makes people dance. The production is nothing intricate, but as per usual with Moullinex, it doesn’t have to be. At a first glance, you’re not too sure how to wrap your head around the song since it assembles club-bomping beats with a vocal track about a certain someone being a bboy. But with a few listens, its hooks naturally make you bob your head in content. For track download, visit:

3. “Best Part Ever (Jordan Light Year & Jimmy 2 Sox Remix)” – Toecutter: When first listening to this one you might think that’s it’s just another rock song with a punch kick and snare, but at the one minute mark, a poppy build-up drops into a sea of funky bass lines, well placed samples and guitar sounds that seem to be shredding during the whole song. To take a listen, visit:

4. “Total Fox” – Loose Shus: For all of you 80’s synth fans, this one is for you! This track, as with most of Loose Shus’ productions, is peppered with a faded kick, slappy funk-bass, ringing bells and an old-school synth that could almost be the lead to the “Knight Rider” TV Series. The Loose Shus EP is a well worth purchase for anyone who digs the sounds listed above. Visit the Loose Shus myspace:

5. “BMX” – Xinobi: From Portugal, and regularly playing with D.I.S.C.O. TEXAS ensemble at Club Lux (Lisboa), Xinobi always created choppy and unconventional tracks. BMX fits under this status. The layer that seems to stand out the most in this track is a thick bass line that seems to perfect mesh with the feel of the song: verrrryyy fuunnkkyy. The main riff of guitar goes through a high pass, but if complemented with the low pass of a snappy kick n’ snare and bass. A great find. Visit for a listen.

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