Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Fresh Toss Up

StrayOtic ( | FaceBook) have been dazzling local Ottawa dance floor fiends since summer with their first release from May of 2009.  Sold out shows, opening for Brazilian dance phenoms The Twelves, and reviews in Exclaim are an indication of the upward trajectory they are on.

Dj Salad translates the sedate suburban environments of his Orleans residence into a ferocious blend of basslines and synth stabs, and brings a fresh take on dance music for the new mellenium. Previously featured here, Dj Salad's productions are crisp, clean and pristine.

Bringing the two together to feature StrayOtic's 2nd track to be remixed, slap your headphones on and pay attention to this fantastic pairing of Stay Here by StrayOtic remixed by Dj Salad.

StrayOtic - Stay Here (Salad Remix) by Rhythm-WORKS

Everyone is encouraged to download and play this track to their hearts content. If you find your joy warrants showing some extra love, feel free to donate (suggested donation of $1.00) something and encourage more music from these talented folks.

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Anonymous said...

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