Thursday, May 21, 2009

and the summer starts

we had a splendid kick off and it aaaaaallllll happened
see pics (special thanks to Bill Julliette) see pics

and of course some music
opening dj Nikoli warmed up the party crowd just right. have a listen at latest mix:

RhythmWORKS buddy, Disko Dave also has a great session to offer.
check it Disko Dave - boat mix

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RhythmWORKS said...

Keeping the crowd moving with his unique blend of stellar tracks, ‘Disko Dave’ is growing to be a favoured DJ of Ottawa’s local House scene. Following the slogan: “Everyone together for the Party”, Dave is devoted to delivering the crowd an unforgettable experience. Solid resident DJ @ Lotus Lounge and member of Velvet Productions, Disko Dave is also on board Ottawa’s Canada Day 12 Hour House Music Party event "Fiesta". As creator of “Fuzion”, a new monthly beginning Saturday June 13th @ Lotus Lounge Dave aims at further expanding his events to a broader Canadian and Ottawa audience. Disko Dave is recognized for his impeccable ear for good music and his commitment to presenting his blend of house music in a free minded environment. His smooth mix of Funky, Chicago, Techy, Vocals, Driving Beats & Drums, evokes an atmosphere of fierce rhythmic pleasure. Enjoy below his newest mix “This One’s For You”.