Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get them dancin' boots ready..

Ottawa has the pleasure of welcoming one of Montreal's most diverse acts; Elgin Street will be shooting sparks as B'UGO makes his way to Century Lounge on May 8th.  This show is a must - hope to see you all out!! 

Ugo N'gan'ga Gitau was born in Canada and grew up traveling throughout East and West Africa. At a young age Ugo had the opportunity to experience the music of many different cultures and backgrounds varying from Soukous to Zouk and he had an instant connection to the rhythms of the music. At the age of 12 he was already on West African dance floors paying attention to the different rhythms, beats and drums that create dance music and this is where the seed was planted. 

Returning to Canada in 1995, he began his studies in fashion design and at the same time he started to explore new and different musical environments, finding a new home in the Montreal after-hours club scene and the music known as House. Ugo has always had club life in his heart and before djing he was a child of the night, living in clubs and after-hours dressed in outfits that ranged from grotesque, to pure sophistication and the extremely fabulous. It was those years spent in the dark that forged what became the world he depicts through music. 
In 1999 he revealed his true musical colors as the now infamous DJ B’UGO, with an eclectic mix of deep dark tech-house and disco funk flavors at Montreal’s Blizzarts Lounge. B’UGO then went on to a four-year residency with the internationally known deep house series Therapy. 

His intention is to get you in the mood by giving you mind blowing mixes of Detroit & German techno bombs, grandiose New York style diva tracks, latin fused tribal-tech and heavy Chicago funk. Always looking forward, B’UGO pushes the limits of house and techno with new sounds and influences from world music, pop, rock, hiphop and soul. B’UGO’s wild and exotic techno keeps you glued to the dancefloor in a daze of glamour, fierceness and an overdose of sexuality.

B’UGO has an impressive list of bookings, residencies and events. You can also catch B’UGO on his weekly radio show on www.netmusique.com or in person at one of his many performances.

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