Wednesday, November 10, 2010


TO WWW.RHYTHMWORKS.CA !!!! COME CHECK OUT OUR NEW HOME. We're still working out some kinks, and doing some formatting. The music is still being updated!



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rhythmworks is MOVING

Hey so if you're reading this, the site hasn't gone down yet.

We're moving the site, it's not going to be anything spectactular the first little while but you'll still be able to hear everything you love here, there.

It's probably going to take a day or two to get everything up and running so please be patient.

In the new site, around a month from now, we'll be broadcasting a lot more interviews with artists you love, and ones you will love.

You can also look for a podcast launching around the first of January.

If there's anything else you would like to add please e-mail

If you read our site from outside of Canada, which is about half of you, and you want to write some blogs for us about the state of music in your land, email that email.

Of course, thank you for coming out and checking the site. We have some big things in the works and we want you to have a front row seat. Or front couch seat, or whatever, you get the point.

The music is making grow and the only thing that keeps me awake..

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Andy Moor, British the trance sensation with his remix of Hybrid's "Disappear."

This is for you C dog, I know you love this!

Long Live Trance

Diplo - Mad Decent - Diplo presents Dubstep! BLOW YOUR HEAD

On this 16 track compilation, all the big guns in the world come out. Borgore, RUSKO, Datsik (Kelowna) all throwing in the fat heaters they are known for.

The best one, we think, Datsik, have to stay true to our roots, so maybe we have a little bias. Datsik rmx's a video we showed you about a week ago from Diplo and Lil'Jon, "U Don't Like Me."

Here;s the remix!

Here's the rest.

New Kaskade, Adam K, ft Sunsun

Yes one of America's favourite house producers has released another very smooth tune with the release of Raining today on beatport.

With titillating (tits lol) vocals, and a very nice beat structure this track says chill and party at the same time, depends on the volume perhaps. Adam K and Kaskade put together one very nice track but without Sunsun on the vocals we're not sure it would be the same. However, we are very pleased a Canadian (Adam K - Toronto), Sunsun (NYC) and Kaskade (Chicago) released this track. Under Ultra Records, or any label for that matter, as Canadians, invested in the growing scene of EDM we love to see a strictly North American track get released with world wide appeal. This is that. Long Live EDM.

Don't take our word for it here it is.

Def a sweet love making track, go get your other.


John Dahlback out now!

BACK TO THE DANCEFLOOR! The 2 song release was released today on beatport, and damn, these tracks are, well, a big reason Dahlback is one of the most highly regarded names in House music today!

Check the original and the remix below



We aren't a rap music blog, but from time to time we do post a rap track. Iain grew up on it, and still loves it. He just feels like rap is a girl that cheats on him but he just can't say no to her. Then she goes and does something crazy and gets in bed with Iain while Iain is already in bed with another girl, lets call the other girl, Electronic Dance Music. It's like a threesome with music, and yes, it's amazing.

DJ Illo made this audio orgy a possibility so here's our favourite Lil'Wayne EDM rmx. It's actuall Kanye West Ft Lil Wayne - Tell Everybody (DJ ILLO & DJ Jayceeoh)

Find more artists like Illo - New Rmxs Up! at Myspace Music