Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rhythmworks is MOVING

Hey so if you're reading this, the site hasn't gone down yet.

We're moving the site, it's not going to be anything spectactular the first little while but you'll still be able to hear everything you love here, there.

It's probably going to take a day or two to get everything up and running so please be patient.

In the new site, around a month from now, we'll be broadcasting a lot more interviews with artists you love, and ones you will love.

You can also look for a podcast launching around the first of January.

If there's anything else you would like to add please e-mail

If you read our site from outside of Canada, which is about half of you, and you want to write some blogs for us about the state of music in your land, email that email.

Of course, thank you for coming out and checking the site. We have some big things in the works and we want you to have a front row seat. Or front couch seat, or whatever, you get the point.

The music is making grow and the only thing that keeps me awake..

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