Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So this is the setting.

I leave the greyhound station at 9:30 a/m after waiting 3 hours for my brother to wake up and tell me his address. A long walk later, I'm on Holmwood, near the Civic Center in Ottawa. Walking up the creaky stairs into bro-bro's new sublet.

I'm greeted by a haze of smoke billowing through the entrance into an equally creaky living room and the contagious sound that is Chromeo. More specifically, Mercury Tears, I was instantly hooked. I've been a "Chromeo" ever since. We spent that day listening to Chromeo and watching Arrested Development, simultaneously.

Some 5 years later, Chromeo has shaken any non believers and proclaimed themselves to the world as some of the most talented musicians out.

I guess that's the foreword?

Chromeo is set to release their new video for "Hot Mess" and today, via their website, they released behind the scenes pictures. OO Sexy Mamacita's, can't wait! Here's the link!

Here's the song!

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