Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Filo and Peri, Crystal Clouds 7th anniversary

Some people think it's bad to send your audience away from your site.. Anyway, Crystal Clouds the podcast hosting download server recently celebrated its seventh birthday! Something to put on your ipod really. Pretty kickass when you don't have 4 G's to surf Well then we're only here for the news, because flash is needed from your phone on our site. Maybe that will change soon..

Just got a little off topic.. Filo and Peri were featured on the Anniversary podcast which is a whopping 3 days long, everyone is on it, it's crazy. Ultimate gym mix lol, forever. There were a few tracks from the new Best Dance Music Nation, Egypt, and even featured a remix from Fady and Mina on the track Sea Wind from Tamerlan and DJ ONS. (We interviewed them last week. Check the tags on the post for that) This was of course featured directly after F & P 's hour set for the show and on the mix of another one of Egypt's established artists Phillipe El Sisi.

Check the download hear

The track list is massive and quality, for 4 days... = great. Happy belated! lol The set is about 1 day in, mad love.

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