Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Recently we posted a video for the Egyptian duo Fady and Mina's new uplifting trance track Aviation. Out December 10th on Omerta Records.

We loved the track and are obviously inclined to seek the views of trance musicians half a world away. Based in Egypt, we corresponded with the duo and asked them some questions about their music and the evolving sound of Egypt.

Egypt was recently voted Best Dance Nation at the Ibibiza DJ Awards.

Here's the interview:

What are your full names?

Fady Hany Berty, 
Mina Alaa Ghabbour

Recently at the Ibiza DJ awards Egypt was voted Dance Nation of the 
Year (2010). How do you guys think Egypt established itself 
as one of the biggest countries on the EDM stage?

----We think Egypt now is on the right track hitting the EDM scene with 
top quality artists, and top releases. We think Aly & Fila are one of 
the main reasons why EDM has taken its current shape in Egypt, 
followed by the amazing Philippe el Sisi. Together with the successful 
label Future Sound of Egypt, invading the trance scene worldwide and 
becoming one of the most powerful labels in the scene in a very short 
time. Also the people have been introduced to the clubbing culture 
which is comparatively new for us to Europe and America, but we think 
we are going straight forward to the top.

Can you guys describe the EDM scene in Egypt? Is it the mainstream?

----The EDM scene in Egypt is a little more of a housy one, trance 
listeners are so many, but clubs and events are mainly running on 
house and commercial stuff, nevertheless people now are getting more 
familiar with trance, mainly uplifting. 
For the EDM in Egypt, it's not the mainstream, but it's growing 
amazingly with a high rate, especially among youth.

Is the trance scene the biggest part of EDM in Egypt? Over in North 
America we’re flooded with house music, though some of us really 
like, trance just isn’t as big.

----We think it's pretty the same here, the same flood of house music is 
affecting us, though you have so many trance listeners, and yet still 
growing in population don't worry, we think it's coming very soon!!

How do you guys make music together, more in depth, how are production 
duties assigned? Or do you guys go step for step together the whole way?

----Sitting in the studio, with hot coffee, fresh ears, and here we 
gooo!!! :-)
Actually no duties are assigned, we are more like brothers before the 
music thing, we share the music together, same way goes with the 
production, brainstorming comes first, track ideas begin to evolve, at 
this point we begin implementing. We both sit in the studio, opening 
the sequencer, selecting sounds and sampling others, having the 
arrangement, the mixdown and everything going like we love to do it. So it's not about duties, also communication technology is amazing, 
sometimes we work online!!!

How many hours a day would you say you’re involved with music? 
Headphones on all day or..?


What’s going on with you guys right now, potential tour dates, new 
We recently heard “Aviation” and thought it was just 
devastatingly good, what do you guys have coming?

----Well, touring is not our target now, but definitely this is going to 
happen in the near future, so we are now focusing on production. 
Raising our mix quality and always work on that, we have a lot of 
projects currently in the studio, mainly uplifting trance as we are, 
and some film scoring stuff. There are also a lot of contacts and 
actual collabs going with some well-known names in the scene, so stay 
tuned coz we are still starting and the bigger is yet to come!!!!

So that's it, look for Aviation out in a little over a month from now on Omerta Records!
Here's the track Aviation! Getting support from a lot of big names including Area 38 on Sirius/XM and Egyptian, world renowned artists Aly and Fila!

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