Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheryl Cole and Dizzie Rascal recorded a song

On the twittershere this morning a tweet brought to our attention that British stars Cheryl Cole and Dizzie Rascal have collaborated in studio. The song is apprently finished so we will wait with wanting ears for the finished product.

Lets take this moment to recall our favourite Dizzie Rascal track, there are many but for us "Sirens" takes the cake. We used to play it when we were on the radio at CKDJ 107.9 Ottawa's New Music, you know, that station that plays all the best Hip-Hop and Alternative...They're back on the air to, so get at them... Speaking of which, they will be giving away tickets for Kapacity Entertainment and Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa all school year!

SO GET AT THEM, probably starting next week, RUSKO anyone?

Listen online at www.ckdj.net

On that note, a monthly Rhythmworks Radio podcast is in the works! Stay chuned for cheetails1

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