Thursday, October 28, 2010

6 Napith Artists in DJ MAG TOP 100!

Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Armin Van Buuren, SVD, Dash Berlin, and ATB, yes that is 6, 6 DJ's (sesame street voice)

I thought they were on Armada? Yea a few of them are!

Some on Spinnin, i.e Sander Van Doorn.

Out of all these artists and all the songs they released this year, the number 12 ranked DJ Sander Van Doorn is our favourite. Of course that would probably lead you to believe, that our favourite song of the year is by of course SVD. Yes, yes it is, Renegade the official track for Trance Energy... Absolutely PHENOMENAL!

Random fact: Blogger Iain, actually hosted a double bill with Markus Schulz and Sander Van Doorn one magical evening in Ottawa. Those two dudes are class acts..Here's the video

Sander Van Doorn & Markus Schulz @ Lago Nightclub // 04.September.2009 from GlobalSound on Vimeo.

He's somewhere in this video, but it's been a while..The song is RIFF

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