Monday, September 13, 2010


Released just moments ago Wiz Khalifa of the Kush and Oranje Juice mixtape will take his Waken Baken Tour(lol) to Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa, Ontario.

Cudi, B.O.B, Wiz Khalifa pretty much round out the best up and coming acts in hip hop in this past year, o.k well the first two are pretty mainstream. Remember when Cudi started?

Anyway, Wiz is definitely our house favourite in the category of break out hip hop artist. I mean he's been doing it awhile, but he just continues to rise. Have you heard The Thrill or the crazy joint with Demi Lovato? We don't tip Demi Lovato too much here, so you know it has to be sick.

Honestly though, don't sleep on going to his show in Ottawa, Toronto weekend after next. It's going to get kushy.. September 25th at Capital City Music Hall in Ottawa, but don't worry if Toronto is closer he plays at Sound Academy one day later. Tickets are already on sale in Toronto, and go on sale in Ottawa tomorrow at 3p.m!

Here's his latest release "Damn it Feels Good To Be A Taylor" classic remake of "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta." We heard it got banned from MTV to! LOL, Bet they didn't even bother sending it in!

Kush Kush

If you want to download the Kanye West song Runaway from the VMA's last night it is available at

Shout outs to ! Look for their exclusive interviews with the man himself!

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