Tuesday, September 28, 2010

QUACK QUACK BARB STREISEEZER IS BACK...and so is Duck Sauce Duck Sauce!

Yayyyyy!!! Armin Van Helden has been quite the busy lad, releasing a collabo with Mr. Japanese America last week and this week with A-Trak under Duck Sauce

Last Saturday, A-Trak hinted on twitter that he had approved the final touches for the video, well wait no longer, these crazy quacks are buack...With "Barbara Streisand"

Quack Quack <= check the vid!

Mad Cameo's, how many can you spot? Yelawolf is in it, and we will digress for a minute and say that dude KILLED IT in Ottawa this weekend opening for Wiz Khalifa! Shout outs to Kapacity Entertainment on that.

Funny how they actually got Barbara Streisand to be in the video...Did they take her back from Hollywood and Vine just for the cameo? LOL or whatever the New York equivalent of that is, Vanier if you're from Ottawa.

So rough behbeh behbeh beh beh

Buy the track October 10th!

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