Sunday, September 12, 2010


KANYE! Man he's the best, goddamn cancer on those beats...

Pusha T from Clipse dropped it hard on the new single "Runaway" to, funny we saw Pusha in a sweat box club 2 years ago in Ottawa. Pulled some majic got backstage and dem dudes gangsta lol. Won't tell you what we talked about but it was jokes. Shout outs to Kapacity Entertainment for that! Big show with Skratch Bastid in Ottawa this week!

Sorry, to get off topic, but we have the bootleg! Don't expect it to be up long either

If that song is about Taylor Swift, from what we understand, Kanye is sorry, but he's also saying he's sorry if you thought he was going anywhere..

Guess those two will just have to share!

Here's the youtube bootleg, hear it hear if you missed it

"for the jerkoff's that never take work off."

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