Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know what you're thinking, little monkeys with blue security shirts and hats contricted to their little heads riding around on tricycles....LOL That's what we're feeling to, whether or not they have uniforms is still up for grabs...If you want line bypasses well..bring extra bananas.

As much as we all want to see a hoard of monkeys gathering around what they love most in a far off corners of the stadiums, the monkeys are not for crowd control. Unless of course, it is for a crowd of snakes. Yes, the real reason the monkeys are being used is to control a rampid amount of snakes in surrounding areas of the stadium...

Oh India, what will you come up with next...

For this post we have our favourite Monkey inspired video, "Where's Your Head At? - Basement Jaxx" which of course has Monkeys not as security guards, but instead as scientists!!!!

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