Wednesday, September 22, 2010



This is your final chance to have a say (albeit a very small one) in who takes home the coveted and at times controversial #1 spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. CLick the title link for directions.

Will it be Armin Van Buuren for the third time in a row? Will Tiesto rise to the occasion?

Personally, we think, well we don't know what to think, the list is pretty saturated with marketing campaigns. Every artists' agents and management have been signing in to their twitter accounts to say "Vote (insert DJ name here) for the DJ Mag Top 100, polls close soon!" Which continues our belief that it's more of a price list, but it is fan voted, so vote away, it might not be around much longer.

Back to who we think will win, because, our short sighted view of the system aside, we like every (almost) artist on the list.

So here is our list:

1. Deadmau5: He DJ'd the VMA's and if there is anyone who likes voting for things online, it's people watching award shows at home, guilty. He's also Canadian.

2. Armin Van Buuren: because he dropped "Mirage" two weeks before voting ended.

3. Tiesto: He invaded N.A markets this year, a la David Guetta, but still maintains his originality, which doesn't mean shit to the hardcores, but hey, they probably didn't vote anyway.

4. Sander Van Doorn: He's amazing, everyone of the biggest DJ's in the world seems to endorse his sound, see The XX - Intro (SVD RMX)

5. Above and Beyond: Banger Alert, as always

6. Paul Van Dyk: Legend.

7. Ferry Corsten: Once Upon A Night is still super huge.

8. Can the Swedish House Mafia get a vote? No? Okay

9. Markus Schulz: Still draws in the crowds, still resident in Ibiza.

10. Marcus Bits: one day, seriously.....

We also have Lange breaking into the Top 25.

We're pretty sure the poll crashed tonight, maybe some hardcore electro hackers, maybe a volume crash. Either way, the announcements come at The Winter Music Conference in Miami at the International Dance Music Awards.

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