Monday, August 30, 2010

Sander Van Doorn

There's a new Sander Van Doorn track out, called "The XX - Intro (Sander Van Doorn Bootleg)" and it's lighting up the twitter accounts of some of the world's biggest DJs. Tiesto, Axwell, and MR. SVD himself. The only link we found is from Tiesto's set this weekend at Mysterylan, and dude opened with it!
It hasn't been leaked online(to our knowledge, which really, ain't that great) anyway, Sander has a new tune out coming tonight at midnight, or tomorrow, whatever way you look at it, like 10 minutes from now. It's called "Daddyrock" and it's pretty nice. The preview has been out on Youtube all month almost. Hear's the link

P.S we're going to the cottage all week, so don't expect much!


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