Monday, August 30, 2010


Recently we caught up with Auryn music to get some fresh new releases after we stumbled upon their myspace page. (Click the title for the link)
We've talked a little bit during e-mail sessions and we were suprised to find out that unlike a lot of major labels struggling with piracy, Auryn is relatively unscathed by it. On that note, they only gave us the 2 minute preview for this burner GIGA, which is probably going to get pirated, because it is sick. BUT, if you want to be classy, respectable, and not a thief or a liar, please get on this beatport page and max out your credit card. You get 9 free downloads for signing up! HEAR
Tell us these guys aren't making big moves.

This has my vote for song of the year. Then again that's just me ask Akash and Nic what they think. The track is Giga, the artist is Marcus Bits, and the label is Auryn.
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