Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Salad's Top Sounds - May 2010

Gooseflesh - Still Wild:

My friend dj Bolt from Kingston, ON has a dance radio show on CFRC, and while exchanging music I heard this track and it blew my mind. Gooseflesh have had a series of amazing releases, but ultimately, this is my favorite. They created a perfect synergy between bass lines, which as you know, drives my touch and musical taste. At the 1:00min marker, when the vocal track drops, an additional funky riff jumps for a few bars, enough to catch your ear. The fine touches (like that vibrato accent at 1:50) is proof of a detailed production.

Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA remix):

I remember when I was in high school, Le Tigre was one of my favorite bands. That sort of imperfect voice, and punk rock feel. I used to spin Deceptacon at our high school dances, and those top 40 kids grooved not knowing what it was. But they liked it. This remix is pretty simple, but it totally revived the track from the tiger grave it was living in. I will be spinning this one at a gig in the near future.

Hockey - Learn to Lose (Filthy Dukes Remix):

A few months ago I picked up the Filthy Dukes Fabriclive (I believe Edition 48) session in MTL. The majority of the tracks plugged in their mix fit my fancy. Looked a bit more into them, and found this remix. Golden. The guitar licks are clean. Good balance between distorted synth and clean bass. A must add track to that solid set you are looking for.

Young Empires - Rain of Gold:

Out of Toronto, Young Empires is a relatively new music project that has been soaring on the blogsphere. This track has interesting pan flute samples, makes me think of those old and dusty Zamfir records that my dad passed down to me. But this is a modern touch, fascinating vocal accents and catchy hooks that will make the crowd go wild. There has been some talk of setting up a gig with them this summer, so check out the YE website @ and/or the Salad website @

Treasure Fingers - What Am I supposed to do:

I think Treasure Fingers produce some really fresh music. At first, I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this one. Not because of the instrumental track (because it`s phenomenal), but moreso because I tought the vocal track was a bit to chipmunk for my liking. After a few spins on the tables and some tactiful listening, I decided that it grooves damm good. So here it is

This is another month of Salad's Top Sounds. Flip Side, B side.

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