Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sliding into the chill ..

we have some warm music to share.

exciting news is Bufallo producer going by the moniker "NSFW" lives upto his name by delivering a dirty remix of StrayOtic's "Bouge Un Peu - Part II". Keith is a great talent, and nice guy to work with. Hear the stream

Bouge Un Peu - Part II NSFW Remix by Rhythm-WORKS

you can also download the track from
StrayOtic - Bouge Un Peu - Part 2 (NSFW remix)

if you like this track and want to reward the artists for their hard work, please consider paying what you feel this track is worth. you can hit RhythmWORKS up at Pay Pal

to get a taste of what else this man can do, have a listen to his take on Passion Pit's "Little Secrets"
Passion Pit - Little Secrets [NSFW Remix] by nsfw

and finally, a little treat to share with you from our affiliates at 7en Entertainment Group - always bringing the biggest and baddest, here is video footage of the last show featuring trance legends Markus Schulz and Sander van Doorn

Sander Van Doorn & Markus Schulz @ Lago from Ryan Pfeiffer on Vimeo.

for some more video fun, you can also check out a clip of StrayOtic opening for the Twelves

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