Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RhythmWORKS @ Mutek 10

Mutek 10 Coverage

Mutek is a decade old and just keeps progressing phenomenally!

They already have international recognition and bring crowds along with artists from the 4 points.

I was given the opportunity to work with them as well as get great insight on some events from Mutek folk - one which was talked about a lot was ATOM w/ Robert Henke and Christopher Bauder.  

The show consisted of 64 gas balloons, super-bright LEDs and a four-channel sound system with deep experimental beats.

The balloons would start to float accordingly with the music and lights - I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

A show that I got the chance to help greet was beyond6281 presented by ARTIFICIEL (burton, lakatos, roy) + pascale malaterre).

beyond6281 was an electro-acoustic installation that explored the light bulb as a sound source.  I'd say it was one of the more restful and almost meditative setups.  I definitely caught a couple snoozers!  (Top pic - snoozer with Pascale Malaterre)  

Each light bulb had different signals being processed into light and a light sound.  Sometimes if you listened closely you could hear a woman's voice coming through.

Who would have know light bulbs could one day talk!  To help promote the event I'd sometimes mention to walkers by that the  light could talk to get them in the exhibit - a couple definitely gave me some crazy eyes.

I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Pascale Malaterre; she was the woman's voice.  Not too long ago they did a setup in an apartment here in Montreal.  They actually would leave the exhibit open around the clock so people could check it out at night.

Artificiel got great respect for their work and they had the oportunity to bring it over internationally - Sonar in Barcelona as well as Sao Paolo to name a few.

As for music, I didn't get the chance to check out too much during the week but I heard great things about MODERAT and GAS.

My personal favourites were Nocturne 3 @ Metropolis with Adam Marshall, Mike Shannon and the slap in the face - Ernesto Ferreyra!!!  That one had me breathing and pumping.  He did great progress this year and landed some productions on the Cadenza label. 

As for Saturday night @ Nocturne 4, dOP who are an amazing french group who were in the likes of NOZE brought a nice vibe in with some french cabaret-house.  Then Mathew Jonson & Dandy Jack played some solid live beats.  And to close off the night Carl Craig baby - sexy steady and techy.

And finally (I was antsy about this one for months) Ricardo Villalobos & Zip @ Piknik 2 Sunday.  I'll admit the weather was unusually cold, windy and rainy but nothing could stop the troopers!!  I'd say when the first rain swoop by we lost some peeps.  But it stopped just a little after (only another couple soaks came afterwards as well).  Anywho - I feel bad for those who left because the music just got TIGHTER!  Enough to keep us movin' around till the end of the show.

I must admit I payed the price the week after with some sniffles and shakes - but it was well worth it!

Merci Mutek, you shook me well this year and I'm definitely looking forward to experiencing what you have in store for us for the eleventh edition.

Enjoy the video


-Ash Gauthier





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