Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring music tidings

"Mad Boy" Matt Kelly and Ian "Durka Durka" Durkin (he part-nerd up with Balu last month) have been loyal purveyors of danceability in Ottawa for a few years now. They are a loony duo, and the closest to being the Ren and Stimpy of housemusic in Ottawa .. still trying to figure out which one is which. Below is 4 tracks they'd like to share with everyone

"Matt Kelly & Ian Durkin - Lush"

"Matt Kelly & Ian Durkin - Mixed Emotions"

"Matt Kelly & Ian Durkin - Funny Games"

"Matt Kelly & Ian Durkin - Jagerbomb"


And a special request for a track that was featured on posted back November.

Here is Amerie track you were seeking, a flashy mash-up:
Amerie vs Daft Punk - Take Control Of The Funk (DJ STV SLV mashup).mp3

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