Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Never Leave the Funk Behind

See this handsome fellow?

We're not allowed to tell you his real name. He knows some bad people that can cause serious bodily harm.

However, this fellow (let's call him Ray Ray) can also cause some serious mental, aural and feetal joy. Him and his cohorts form a trio of djs/producers called Phono Jones and they play some kick ass house music

Notice the boat cruise that's coming up?
He'll be on there getting us to shake the booty

PHONO JONES have been signed to many record labels such as Shak records (Germany), Rhythmicity records (Australia), Patsada records (Belgium), Digifunk records (New York), Kinjo records (Montreal) keep a close watch for these cats they are putting Ottawa on the Map!

Stay tuned for more treats about hijinx on the high river

Also to note, there's this dude called Sidechains
Championing the sound of funk, but with a new-tech twist, check out this track called
Dr. Funk

oohhhhhh .... it's going to be a fun summer!!!!!!

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